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BIG Truck Antenna Systems
BIG Truck Antenna Systems

Your BIG TRUCK needs a new CB truck antenna system, or yours changed (improved) a little so you can have A LOT more CB Radio range. 

This is because in MOST cases, the company that made your BIG TRUCK had LESS experienced and knowledgable people designing your CB and or AM/FM trucker antennas system, so that I with just 15+ years experience in working out of BIG Trucks can give you A LOT more range than what you have NOW or what came with your truck! (that's because I did a LOT of CB and AM/FM radio Antenna work in the past on 4 wheelers!)

 Just Click on your tractor to the left here to read about it and see how little it will cost you to HEAR and GO furthur on your CB radio so you can have 5-22 miles without amplifiers!   And IF you want, you can have  MORE AM/FM radio range in your BIG Truck than your car has!!!  That's because I did AM/FM antennas in 4 wheelers for years, and I came up with an antenna system that makes AM/FM radio pick up the same or BETTER than your 4 wheeler receives AM/FM radio reception!


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