The MOST CB & AM/FM Radio Range for less $$$!!!! NORTH America's (AND the World's) Old Fashioned Hi-Tech CB Man's CB SHOP for wherever you are!!!

WHERE CB MAN IS (the Old Fashioned HI-TECH CB Man)!

My CB SHOP has a fixed location, and I'm a MOBILE SERVICE, like a lot of truck repair shops.  The 1st 2 weeks of the month or so, I am anywhere between the 182 and 218 Exits on I-90 in SLOhio in the middle of the day; I am around the 187 exit, so I can see you at the 182 Marathon fuel stop or the 200 McDonalds (both have truck parking).  Call me for an appointment at (440) 944-5577 or (440) 503-7755-(Sprint Cell #).  Afternoons (after 3pm) and evenings I am at the 218 Kwik Fill on I-90, usually the 1st 2 weeks of the month.  

The last 2 weeks of the month (or so) I am anywhere at or nearby the Shell TRUCKSTOP at exit 338 in TN, during most early mornings, and at the end of the day into the evening (2nd shift).  I can see you ANYTIME from 7am til 11pm eastern time, 6 days a week, by appointment.  Call me before you get to TN if on I-75 on Sprint cell #(865) 384-3711 for directions to get to me to avoid K town and save miles (I can see you on US 27 down TN 61 or from I-24 up US 27).  Going east or west on I-40, call me an hour or two or more before you get to the 338 exit (when you leave CRASHville, Cookeville or K town) to make sure that I will be there when you get there.

IF you do not go by these 2 locations, or are NOT between them on I-71 or I-75, I can still work for you!  Call or e mail me and I'll send you an address so you can send your CB to me, so I can get it ALL the way up so it puts out more (OR repair it).  I can also send you a complete antenna system, partially assembled, so that you can hear further and get out more, like I've done for 3 drivers already that I have never met in person, and I sent an AM/FM system also!  I also did a Cascadia over the phone to a driver in Californy by telling the driver HOW to do it!  He got more range & said it worked GREAT !

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