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CB Radio Repair


I am a CB Radio repairman that has been doing CB radio repair for over 30 years now, as a 1 man shop, and before that working on my own and at another CB Shop in '76 and at the Hy-Gain CB company in Lincoln, Nebraska on 3rd shift, in 1977.

I fix most all and every kind of CB, and IF I can't, have have been doing this long enough to know about WHO I can send your CB to that are THE BEST repair people in the country, that fix the VERY HARD ones!  

 I fix MORE CB's than I sell.  This saves you $$$ and I can make your CB better after I fix it, because I charge you $10 less than usual to tune it up as high as it goes after I repair it, if you want it done then. 

VERY FEW shops fix Galaxy's and Connex's, General Lee & Washington. Very Very few fix problems in the "brain" of the CB.  This section of the radio gives you your transmit & receive.  IF you are not transmitting AND receiving, you may have a problem in this section of your CB.  That is WHY you haven't got it fixed yet.  You haven't found anybody to do it RIGHT until NOW!!!  

So e mail me with what you have, and what it's NOT doing right, and I can give you a price to fix it and an address to send it to, so it doesn't get banged up in a stinkin' SHOPPING CART on line !

E mail me @ and remove the first c of the address to get through!  OR call me under the "Contact me" website above.

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