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Good or Bad CB Shops

HOW can you tell IF a CB Shop is Good, the BEST, or Bad?  Most of the ways most drivers tell that one is bad is WRONG !  I make this page to clear up any confusion, so drivers can find the BEST CB Shops for their money in North America!

1.  IF a CB shop is NOT in a building, it must be   bad!    WRONG !   What makes a GREAT CB SHOP is NOT the building, or HOW he works and where.  What makes a GREAT CB Shop is THE MAN (NOT a 24 hr. corporation!), and THE Equipment he has.  And then comes the knowhow to do it right (his experience).  IF they don't even come to the truck to check out an antenna system, OR IF they come with just an SWR meter, tell them BYE BYE !

2.  IF a CB Shop advertises on the CB, then they must be bad!  WRONG !  How someone advertizes has NOTHING to do with whether they are a good or bad CB Shop.  I am on the internet, in the yellow pages, I have advertized in Truckers magazines, in the local newspaper, with mailing lists of car owners, and in the 80's I had some commercials on the FM radio when I rented buildings.  Plus when I am slow, I am ON THE CB on 19 letting people KNOW that I AM THERE !  Plus I have T-shirts made up, I have BIG signs on my truck (I do everything possible to get HIGH visibility).  NONE of the ways I advertise affect my ability to get YOU more CB range for less $$$$.  Sections 3,4,& 5 below tells YOU what to ASK for instead, instead of this LIE about advertizing on the CB makes you bad (and other junk that people say)! 

3.  What I have been telling drivers for years is that ANYONE who puts a modulation kit in a Cobra or a  Uniden CB IS one of the WORST CB Shops in the country, period.  In TN and VA and parts northeast, they call it "mega tune."   I have even seen so called "Super tuned" CB's have mod. kits in them.  You can weed out over 95% of the bad places with this question.  AND IF you find someone that says they don't put them in and doesn't do "mega tune", then OFFER THEM $100 to put one in!  IF they refuse your $100, then they are one of the BEST CB Shops in the country!!!    I just did a job a week ago where a Cement company couldn't even talk to the loader in the small yard!    WHY--- mod. kit putting out 1/2 watt, instead of the 6-7 it should of done.   NOW she can talk !

4. ANYONE that would  put a "Mosfet Final" in your Cobra or Uniden, is a LOUSY PLACE!  I have seen only 5 Cobra CB's in 5+ years since they have been putting them in, that had one in it that actually did what it was suppose to (give you more power out, or the SAME as before)!  This "mosfetting" with a mosfet final is NOT designed for your Cobra or Uniden , so it give you LESS POWER OUT than you had before!  They have to "make it work" by attempting to get the power up higher, but they fail in even geting it up to the stock final's power output!  DON'T DO IT--save your $$$ !!!!

5. DO NOT get a so called "amplifier" put on the back of your CB, that is under 1-2" deep, and has slits in it so you can see the parts inside it through the slits!   These are ALSO put in by the WORST places in the country!   They will make you put out LESS POWER than you will if I just tune up your CB to the max. !   They work like a modulation kit--knocking down your power and making you a bit louder, but with LESS POWER OUT you go less distance!!!   It is a MODULATOR and I see 1 in 10 done right to give you MORE Power!  Called a "something 75" !

6.  DO NOT buy CB's from so called internet or Local CB SHOPS, that do NOT have a phone number (SO you can call them later). And make sure they have a consistant place they work out of (place that they work for real analog people at) in the real world like I and a few others do, with real ANALOG people that you can call and e mail, to get a hold of when you are NOT happy!  ALL of those "internet" places do NOT set the radio all the way up when they sell it to you.  One has even gone out of business, I hear!   They are on SALES drugs, AND no SERVICE !  They DON'T care about you, just your $$$$$$$  !!!!!!  Stay away from ALL of them!  I have tuned up ALL the ones I've seen from them HIGHER than they did!   They do a LOUSY job !

I hope I have informed you on HOW to find the people that are DOING IT RIGHT.   IF you have questions or any comments, feel free to e mail me and ask or inform me of what you know!

ANY questions?  e mail me @  Just remove the 1st "c" to get through.

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