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Tuned up CB Radios to the MAXIMUM!
Tuned up CB Radios to the MAXIMUM!

That's what I do---I use a $500 meter and a modulation meter and get your CB to do all IT CAN do, or do what it should do.  When you get the FULL power and modulation out of your CB, it won't be too loud, and the final won't get damaged because of it.  The antenna system is what damages the CB's final.  So when I get your antenna system set right and problem free with a better designed antenna, you have very little power going back to the CB that will damage it! That means that MORE goes out your antenna to give you MORE RANGE (they WILL hear you further)!!!

I got some BAD news for you, and some GOOD NEWS !  The BAD news is that your COBRA or UNIDEN is NOT doing 20, 30 or up to 70 or more watts, like you've been told!  It does 4 watts out of the box, and when they are all the way up will do 5-7 watts (and 40% louder when you talk). With a bigger final AND it converted for more power, and parts added, I have seen 1 as high as 12.5watts! (just 2 radios in 33 years did this). That's AM dead key watts on an AM meter.  They measure these AM watts on a sideband meter, whistle into it and it goes to 20-70 watts, BUT, you are NOT doing that!  On an AM meter it maybe goes up a watt or 2 when you whistle into it, and that's it.  Yesterday I got a 4 wheeler's CB up from 2 to around 7 watts, just by taking out the modulation kit (put in by the WORST places in the country).   He was told he was doing 20-30 watts when he was just doing 2 !  What deception!  The GOOD news is that I can get your Cobra or Uniden up HIGHER! 

I see 1 out of 20 Cobra & Unidens peaked right (all the way up).  The Galaxy's, Connex, Northstars, Magnum's, Strykers, Rangers, and so on---I see 1 or 2 done right per year, or less.  The radios with the kicker built into them I see NONE of them set right!  That means I can DOUBLE THE POWER or MORE that you are getting out of it!  

When a radio that will do 12 to 25 watts, and they  set it at 8 watts or so, and when a radio will do 100-120 watts, and they set it at 40-60 or LESS, and when a radio will do 300 WATTS, they set them at 85-100 watts (I saw 1 as low as 11 watts!), what does that tell you?!  That is how LOW and BAD they set these CB's out here, and internet stores seem to me to be WORSE than truckstop CB shops. VERY FEW CB's out there can NOT be put all the way up.  I still get more out of them IF you want them set where they should be set SAFELY !

So e mail me or call for shipping direstions, so I can get your CB up ALL THE WAY (which will turn it into a BIG RADIO), or I'll sell you a new one if you would like the next size bigger!  And remember--I'm NOT on "sales drugs!"  I tune up & repair MORE than I sell !!!    

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